Book keeping can sometimes prove to be a burden mainly because there is a lot of record keeping that is involved and sometimes the processes can be a bit complicated especially if you have no accounting background.  There are a number of organizations that assist people with book keeping or rather they offer book keeping services. The book keeping services that are usually offered by most organizations include;

  1. Monthly Bookkeeping Services

This is a basic and straight forward method of handling books of accounts, records and also tax filings. Monthly book keeping services also involve providing daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports that include the revenues and expenditures which will help in financial analysis.  This financial analysis will help provide you with a financial overview of how your company is doing in terms finance and accounting.  Monthly book keeping services also entail monitoring of bank accounts for fraudulent transactions, creation and preparation of financial statements, planning and analysing tax burdens, giving alerts for overdrawn accounts or suspicious transactions and also creation and implementation of a budget

  1. Tax Preparation Services

Tax preparation basically involves going through all taxation documents, forms and receipts in order to prepare an accurate tax return.  In addition to this it also includes using the various tax rules to come up with favourable results.  It involves a number of deductions and filling forms. This is a very essential service and should be done right.

  1. Payroll Bookkeeping Services

There are some businesses which have a large number of employees which makes it hard to maintain a proper payroll system.  Having an effective and efficient payroll system is very crucial for every organization.  It is highly recommended that the payroll system is correct and is done on time to ensure smooth and essential running of the business.  Payroll is a very crucial system because if tampered with it could result to both civil and criminal charges.

  1. Financial Services

Financial services mainly include preparation and analysis of financial statements.  The various financial statements that are usually used include statements of comprehensive income, cash flow statements, statements of financial position, statements of shareholder and owner equity and any other financial statements.  The financial statements should be prepared in a way that is simple and easy to analyse. In addition to this the financial statements should be accurate and should be able to present the finances of the business relating to the past, present and future

  1. Corporation Set Up

Book keeping services also entail setting up corporations, whether it’s a sole proprietorship kind of business or a partnership or limited company incorporation is a very important process. Most book keeping organizations usually provide this service.

  1. Accounts Receivable And Accounts Payable

It is very essential and important for a company to keep track of its operations especially when it comes to the issues to do with accounts payable and accounts receivable. This can be sorted out by book keeping service providers.

These are the various book keeping services available. For more information you can visit the Miss Efficiency site at

Types Of Bookkeeping Services

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