Welcome to Sonatrach, company setup for research, exploitation, transportation , processing and marketing of hydrocarbons and their derivatives. It is also involved in other sectors such as power generation, new and renewable energy and desalination of sea water.

It carries out its business in Algeria and throughout the world where opportunities arise. Sonatrach is the first company in Africa. It is ranked 12th among world oil companies, 2nd exporting LNG and LPG and the third exporter of natural gas. Overall production (all products) is 230 Mtoe in 2006. Its activities constitute about 30% of the GNP of Algeria.

It employs 120 000 people in the entire Group. At Sonatrach, we work to strengthen the social ties, help people in need, promote research and scientific activities, assist artistic creation, promote the sport, contribute to the preservation of nature and heritage preservation cultural and historical. Today Sonatrach does not see economic development without sustainable development.

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