When you are getting ready to remodel your bathroom in Indiana, you need to talk to Ron or Dan at Lori K Bath. You can learn about their company mission through their website, but that’s not why you should call them. You want to call them because you are going to save money and get an incredible bathroom.

A One Day Transformation

The big difference is how the company starts on your project. Instead of seeing an opportunity to squeeze every dime out of your project, they see your existing bathroom as a shell to build-upon.

They specialize in re-using as much of your existing bathroom as possible, which saves you money but does not decrease the improvement in your bathroom.

Take a quick look on their website and look at a few pictures of their tub to shower conversions. What you see will make you stop and rethink how you are going to renovate your bathroom. Their creations are amazing, but cost a fraction of amount it costs to gut your bathroom and rebuild it from scratch.

The cost savings may not be the biggest advantage, though. How long do you want to live without that bathroom? A full renovation can take weeks. You have the mess of demolition, cleanup, and building. You have workers coming in and out of your home every day. It can be unnerving.

The Lori K Bath remodels are often done in a single day, meaning you are back in your bathroom fast. If you have a big house with a bunch of bathrooms, this might not be an issue for you. But, if your house has only a single bathroom, or they are remodeling your ensuite, it can be a huge issue.

Showers, Tubs, and Walkins

Have you heard the horror stories of an elderly parent getting stuck in their bathtub? It happens every day across the country. Tubs are not as safe as we get older. They are hard to get into and out of.

Lori K Bath converts existing bathrooms by transforming the tub into either a walk-in shower or a walk-in tub. These quick conversions can help elderly parents, or people with disabilities, stay in their homes longer.

What is most amazing is how these changes affect the appearance of your bathroom. The team at Lori K Bath doesn’t haphazardly toss something together. They plan with you to make your bathroom a masterpiece while they convert it.

On the opposite side, many of us would love to get rid of an old shower and swap in a jacuzzi tub to soak away the aches and pains of the day. Lori K Bath does these conversions, too. Their end results are stunning.

There are two amazing parts when working with Lori K Bath. First is the speed of the transformation. Your bathroom can be reinvented in one or two days, instead of weeks. Second, you will never find a nicer pair of guys, or a better team to work with on your bathroom renovation. The Lori K Bath difference starts with their people.

The Lori K Bath Experience – Bathroom Renovation Without The Pain

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