You must hate it. You had a full day of working or building and now it is time to do the paperwork. You are exhausted, but know the accounting has to be done. It doesn’t have to be done by you, though.

Tradesmen and builders have challenging physical jobs. You spend the entire day out helping people, trying to find enough time in your schedule to get to everyone. The last thing you want to do at the end of the day is to spend a couple more hours on accounting.

ICL Group in Adelaide Lets You Focus On Your Trade

Imagine having a team of accountants and their support team to eliminate the bookkeeping. You would no longer need to learn about bookkeeping methods, payroll taxes, PAYG, superannuation, and other essentials for proper reporting of your business income.

You could focus on what is important, your customers and employees. Freeing up a few hours of accounting time each week lets your bill more of your time, too.

Do you already have a person on your staff who does the basic accounting entry, but you are stuck with reports, taxes, and other time-consuming tasks?

An easy way to overcome those challenges is to use the Xero Cloud-based Accounting system. Your employee enters all the tickets from your day’s work and then ICL Group ( can take over. The cloud-based system means both you and your accounting partner can see the data at any time. You can both look at the data simultaneously while discussing issues over the phone, too. This can eliminate your need to run to your accountant’s office, or them coming to you.

The Personal Tax Side Of ICL Group

There is one other consideration you should think about as a small business owner. You don’t only have to worry about your business taxes, you have more challenges in your personal accounting and taxes, too. By working with ICL Group,  you have a single company that can help you with both sides. They can even advise you on the best ways to cut tax costs for the business and yourself.

Tell Us Your Biggest Accounting Challenges

The starting point to overcoming accounting problems is to have a detailed conversation with a professional. ICL Group offers free consultations so you can find out what is the best ways to save money and eliminate your accounting challenges.

This consultation focuses on your needs and your business. Every plan is custom built to meet your needs. Your business is unique and has its own set of challenges. The one thing that is consistent with other businesses is accounting and tax regulations. ICL Group makes sure your business is compliant while making your life easier.

Are you ready to unload accounting from your busy schedule? It is usually the best choice for tradespeople to make. Every hour spent on accounting is the time you could be billing for your services. Schedule a free consultation to find out how easy it is to free up your time and get better information from your accounting system at the same time.

ICL Group – Small Business Accounting For Tradespeople

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